Up until August 31st, 2016, Nina Trentmann worked as a Business Correspondent for the German media group “WELT N24“ in London. She took up this position in August 2013 and covers business and finance in the United Kingdom. In this capacity, she wrote for the daily edition DIE WELT, the online site WELT Online and the Sunday edition WELT am Sonntag. She has now joined the Wall Street Journal in London, covering Corporate Finance.

Prior to her time in London, Nina reported from Shanghai in China. From there, she filed stories on German companies, Chinese companies in Europe and China’s transition towards a service-and technology based-economy. Besides reporting from London, Nina continues to cover China and travels back and forth between Shanghai/China and the UK. These days, she lays particular emphasis on reporting China´s transition towards the “new normal“, the internationalisation of the Renminbi and China´s growing importance in the realm of banking and finance. In addition to her journalistic work, Nina moderates conferences, events and panels in Germany, Shanghai and the UK. She is a regular guest and commentator on BSkyB and the BBC.


In November 2012, Nina Trentmann was awarded the “Georg von Holtzbrinck Preis fuer Wirtschaftspublizistik“ in Frankfurt, a prestigious prize for business reporting in Germany. She received the award for a story about Germany´s meat exports to China.

From 2009 to 2011, Nina completed a two-year journalistic training with “WELT“ in Berlin. She holds a double masters in Media and Global Communications from London School of Economics and Fudan University in Shanghai (MsC) and a Magister from Bonn University in Germany (Magister Artium). During a semester in the US, she studied at Georgetown University and interned with USA Today. Her thesis on strategies in the presidential campaign 2008 was published by Tectum Publishers in Germany. More information about her work can be found at ninatrentmann.com and at ninatrentmann.de.



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